SST Computing was incorporated in 1992 and supports client offices throughout the United States.

SST serves as the local MIS for companies with central offices in Western Europe, Australia, and Canada. We in-house backup systems, diagnostic tools, and an extensive parts and systems inventory.  A number of servers running Microsoft, Novell, and Linux platforms are also maintained at this site.

As a Microsoft Partner we are subscribers to Microsoft TechNet and the Microsoft Developers Network, and are part of the Microsoft Beta Testing Program. SST maintains training and certifications for many Microsoft products. We are Georgia's only Elite dealer for the TeleVantage telephone system from Vertical. SST is on the advisory council of the Vertical Corporation publicly traded on NASDAQ.

SST engineers are well versed in active directory, DNS, VPN, firewalls, terminal services, and most communication protocols. We routinely perform network sniffer analysis to identify and correct network bottlenecks. 

SST offers a number of security products for local and wide area networks including monitoring and filtering products for the World Wide Web.  Other security options offered include biometrics such as fingerprint logon.

Our customers have included Budget Rent-A-Car, Gold-Kist Chicken, Ridgeview Institute, Emory University, Sears, The Omni Hotel, Iron Mountain, and dozens of other companies in varied corporate environments. Services provided for these clients have included telephony, network cabling, local area networking, wide area networking, video conferencing, day to day application and network support, hardware repair and maintenance, upgrades, peripherals, product recommendations, and network planning and installation.

The Information Technology You Need

The Source You Can Trust

Today, the question isn’t whether information technology is critical to the success of your business. That’s a given. The question is: Whom can you rely on to identify, implement, and maintain the specific information technologies that will best help you compete and win in your marketplace. With so much at stake, this is no easy question. The answer, however, is remarkably simple: SST Computing.

One Source For All Your Networking and Computing Needs

SST Computing is your complete, full service systems integrator. If there is an I/T product or solution that can improve your business, SST Computing has it — local and wide area networking, data communications, telephony, servers, workstations, desktop and laptop computers, business software and customized applications. If there is an I/T service that is critical to your success, SST Computing offers it —network design and management, application design, Internet and on- line commerce services, web site design, data security, and employee training — plus, we deliver comprehensive service and support.

Proven Technologies Certified Expertise

We equip you with the very best technology from the most reputable manufacturers and service providers — companies such as Microsoft, Novell, Compaq, Cisco, and more. Our staff of I/T professionals are fully-trained by these companies and are accredited as experts in the appropriate technologies. As a result, you receive reliable products and services, supported by a wealth of in-house expertise. What’s more, you can count on us for customized solutions that meet your unique information technology requirements.

A Partner You Can Grow With

Our goal is to improve your business performance and competitiveness. We’ve grown by satisfying and supporting more and more customers like you. Most important of all, we are here for the long term. Technologies change. Our commitment to you never will.



Why Choose SST?

The intrinsic value of information technology is to benefit your business. SST Computing was created with that purpose in mind. And we offer benefits unequaled in the marketplace:

Atlanta Network Consultants

A Complete Range of Networking, Internet and Communications Solutions

A Network Designed Just For You

For all practical purposes, your network is your business. How well you communicate and share information with employees, suppliers and customers may mean the difference between success and failure. Consequently, SST Computing’s network professionals analyze your business needs thoroughly and then custom-design a network specifically suited to meet those needs.

Connectivity Options For Every Size Organization

There are as many ways to share data as there are companies that need to share it. That’s why SST Computing has assembled the in-house expertise and product depth to handle any networking requirement: Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks, multiple-site connectivity, private network-to-Internet communication, remote computing, and more. Our networking capabilities give you the competitive edge.

Total Network Solutions from A Single Source

SST Computing does it all so you don’t have to be burdened with the complexities of coordinating multiple vendors. We design your network, source and install all the equipment, operating systems and network management software. We even install the cables. Once your network is in place, we manage and maintain it for you, for maximum uptime and reliability. And, we protect your network with the most effective data security measures possible, with constantly updated virus protection and reliable back-ups.

Cost-Effective Remote Computing Solutions

SST Computing has teamed up with Citrix, a provider of leadingedge server based technologies. The result: Your employees are able to compute and communicate remotely, from anywhere in the world, quickly and easily. Applications and data reside on your servers. You save money because employees don’t need a lot of expensive computing firepower at their end. Our from anywhere- to-anywhere computing and communication technology is ideal for a sales force or any mobile workforce. Your employees can work at customer sites to enhance customer service, or from virtual offices anywhere in the world. This increases productivity and reduces your cost of doing business.

Support When You Need It.

When you’re having computer problems, the last thing you want is to have a support firm who can’t do the job.

SST Computing is proud to have several Certified System Engineers, both MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) and CNE (Certified Netware Engineers - Novell) on our staff.

They have passed numerous rigorous tests from Microsoft, Novell, Cisco, Citrix,  and others to hone their skills. Due to the high level of training and expertise each of these individuals possess, SST Computing offers highly qualified people at industry standard rates.

No contractual agreement is required for consulting support.

  • $125 per hour weekdays 8AM - 5PM
  • $175 per hour weekends and after hours
  • $35 travel per incident

When you're ready to discuss your needs, please call your sales representative to arrange a no-cost initial consultation.

Service Contracts

To help you manage no matter how much or how little assistance you need.

Our service packages have been developed to address the unique requirements of PC based businesses. The packages are modular, allowing clients to choose exactly which options within the overall package best fits their unique and changing requirements. No more paying for what you don’t need, or don’t get!

The packages are designed to:

  • Lower your costs by allowing you to pre-pay for support hours
  • Maximize equipment up-time
  • Assist in maximizing employee and equipment productivity
  • Assist in maximizing return on assets
  • Control the cost of maintenance services when they are needed
  • Limit the need for expensive in-house PC expert resources

When you're ready to discuss your needs, please call us at 770.426.0051 to arrange a no-cost initial consultation.

Remote Monitoring and Remote Assistance

We can watch your systems remotely to save you time and money!

Leveraging an existing partnership with Intel, SST Computing has established a program to provide off-site monitoring of you critical systems.

Specifically, Intel® InBusiness™ Remote Services Center enables:

  • Emergency and proactive alerting
    • Allows SST Computing to see what is happening on your network before issues become critical
  • Remote diagnostic and resolution efforts
    • SST Computing won't always have to travel to your office for diagnostic and resolution work, which often means faster response times are possible when problems needing attention do occur
  • Remote proactive maintenance
    • Many problems can be avoided by having SST Computing perform proactive maintenance. As a result, network uptime is often increased, leading to a more productive work environment within your office
  • Remote emergency access and disaster management
    • In the event of a failing server, SST Computing has the ability to access your server remotely to systematically shut it down, which will likely lead to increased total uptime and a better analysis for prevention of future problems.

Remote PC Support On Demand NOW!

SST Networks can now Solve Support Issues Faster.

Our Remote Support is a next generation service, making remote computer support easier and more affordable than ever before.

SST remotely views, diagnoses, and resolves problems for anyone around the world.

With Remote Support the speed and quality of our customer support is unsurpassed.

The SST technical support team has the power to see what's happening on remote desktops and provide immediate help. Our customers can request support directly from our web site, or can request a remote support session as needed.

Key benefits of remote support with Techinline tools:

  • SST Provides hands-on support without costly site visits. Avoiding the need to travel offsite for most problems and removing the frustrating back-and-forth communication of possible fixes that often occurs over the telephone.
  • Remote Support dramatically accelerates problem diagnosis and solving and allows both SST and you to view and control the computer desktop. Our Techs can quickly diagnose problems and install patches and updates remotely.
  • Remote Support allows SST to offer better service without increasing cost of service delivery.

Our customer satisfaction with SST remote support is incredible. Our "single click" access provides real-time support via the web for fast, reliable, and secure remote access support.

Simpler is better!

The whole process of establishing a remote support session takes no more than 30-60 seconds.

Trust SST for reliable and secure support sessions.

Your support sessions will take place with the reliability, security, and availability you expect and deserve from a trustworthy Internet information-sharing company. All communication is secure and private.

Start experiencing the benefits of remote tech support today.

Who Needs Firewall Protection?


Without the protection of a firewall, which serves as a buffer between an organization's internal network and myriad external networks-including the Internet-any network is vulnerable to threat or misuse by a multitude of entities.


If your company uses the Internet, chances are that you need a firewall. Fast becoming the most popular form of electronic communication, the Internet brings the entire world to your door. Information security experts suggest that you invest in some method of network security, so you can make sure that it is opportunity knocking at that door, and not a cyber criminal in disguise.

What is Firewall Protection?

A firewall is the most important line of defense between a company's network and the outside world. It serves as a buffer between an organization's internal network (Intranet) and external networks (Internet). Just as Internet use by businesses has escalated sharply in recent years, so too has the occurrence of network security breaches. Firewalls can provide protection for classified information by using different types of application proxies, which are designed to check every connection that crosses the firewall. Many firewall appliances also offer email filtering, web site filtering, security scanning services, and real-time alerting when a breach is attempted.

Who's Behind the Attack?

What threatens the security of a computer network? And who is most at risk? Without the protection of a firewall, any network is vulnerable to threat or misuse by outside entities. These intruders range from cyber vandals-often computer-savvy youth intent on causing mischief-to cyber criminals who illegally penetrate systems with the express purpose of damaging those systems or obtaining resources. Overall, you should be aware of possible attacks from anyone with the capability, technology, opportunity and intent to do harm. Profiles may include terrorists, insiders, disgruntled employees and hackers.

What's the Solution?

SST Computing realized this threat long ago and we have continually worked to develop solutions to protect the networks of our customers using SonicWall, 3com and Pix and other major firewall products.

When you're ready to discuss your needs, please call us at 770.426.0051, ext. 214 to arrange a no-cost initial consultation.

Project Consulting

How can you make technology transitions and implement changes with minimal disruption?

That's easy.

We'll put your mind at ease and we'll see that whatever the task, it is done properly and efficiently to your satisfaction.

SST Computing offers a highly professional, dedicated management resource to deliver on-time, on-budget project implementations.  Taking responsibility for the entire customer experience from initial specification to implementation, testing, and post-project review, SST Project Consulting provides solutions tailored to individual customer requirements.  Control and communication form the cornerstones of our project management philosophy.

When customers need to supplement their in-house network management capabilities, our management professionals provide the extra focus and resource that special projects demand.

SST Computing offers full turnkey network creation and commissioning, lifecycle planning and pricing as well as risk management. After the installation, we will train your in-house administration team to deal with the day-to-day issues of managing your technology, thus minimizing service calls.

When you're ready to discuss your needs, please call us at 770.426.0051 to arrange a no-cost initial consultation.


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